Download the Excel file below and click on the tabs of each school to see results reported by gym.

Due to a bug in Go Daddy... you might have to rename the file as "Scores.xls" before downloading the EXCEL file.

Last updated Oct 28, 2019 7:02 pm

Metro Volleyball Conference

For those schools hosting games, please use the EXCEL score sheet when reporting scores back to me each week.
Look for your school name in the tabs along the bottom of the file.
It is the same procedure as before... download the file to your computer, fill in the scores and save the file back to your computer, then send the file to me attached to an email with your school name and date in the subject line. Scores should be sent to me by Sunday evening of the weekend games are played. 
Under the columns labeled Team1 Game1, Team2 Game 1, etc, list the scores of each game... then under the columns labeled Team1 Match and Team2 Match, please enter a W or an L to indicate which team won the match and which team lost. This saves me time having to look at the individual games to determine who won and lost the match. (Thanks for doing that!)